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getting down to business! ............finally!

Mar 20, 2010 3:18 AM by Discussion: Skinning
I know I've been putting a lot of things "on My list" and now I'm finally getting back into the groove.....I wish I could have done all this stuff on time, but, between the Holiday's and the snow which started in December instead of February (like it has for the past few years) I haven't been able to get into any skinning. With winter behind Me, actually having days off, not having to work nights or overtime, and with a week vacation fast approaching.....I should finally get some stuff done! My apologies to Everyone that's been waiting. The List (in no particular order) of RightClicks: Excalibur, Protector, Softer, Tinted, Frosted, WC Community Holiday Suite '09, Hanukkah and Friends, and Svelte. I hope to have most of these done by the middle of April.... :)
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What have You found?????

Feb 5, 2010 2:00 AM by Discussion: Community

I'm sure that most of You have heard the phrase " One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure " ....... have You ever walked past the neighbors trash and thought to Yourself 'that would look great in the living room' or stopped the car because You spotted an antique at a yard sale ??? I thought it might be interesting to see what treasures You have found.  As You might imagine I see all kinds of stuff in My line of work  ;)  anyway......please feel free to share Your treasures, include discarded items ( don't be embarrassed, leave Your pride at the door, be one with Your inner garbageman! :D )  yard sale or flea market finds ( if possible include an approximate value for the item and what You actually paid ) I hope that some of You might want to participate. :)

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Good idea or waste of time????

Sep 25, 2009 1:40 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

I was going to bring this up a while ago, but, I blew off doing it for one reason or another. However since I saw the DX Theme [link="https://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=4440&libid=31"]Pod Concept[/link] by ped I've decided to ask......

Recently I took My first few baby steps into DX with a few [link="http://bk13garbageman.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?libid=34"]widgets[/link], they don't do much, I just wanted to add a little animation to some RightClicks. I really wanted People to see how they looked, and for Me the stationary preview didn't do it. I heard Zubaz mention [link="http://www.jingproject.com/"]Jing[/link] for making video previews and I knew that was the way to go.

So, I was wondering............

Are there only video previews for Dreams because nobody thought of it until animated wallpapers were developed?

If not now, would it be possible to have video previews for other types of skins on the new site? or would it use too much space and not be worth the cost?

There are all kinds of skins that have some really cool animations, I think it would be a nice option to have, what do You think?????

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A great way to lure new members into the cult......um, I mean introduce customization to Your friends!!

May 7, 2009 4:08 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk

I haven't been around much lately, so I don't know if [link="http://islanddog.wincustomize.com/"]Island Dog[/link] mentioned it yet....But, I just noticed that there is now a Gadget gallery. Besides for making it easy for all of us in the community to find gadgets without having to sort through all the widgets, it's a great way to share some really cool stuff with Your friends and family and possibly get some new followers....ahh, ummm... community members. Since You don't need any additional software to run them anybody can use them! I, Myself, this past Christmas sent the Link for ID's [link="http://islanddog.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?skinid=7&libid=77"]Christmas Wreath[/link] to some friends and they loved it! :CONGRAT: .............I think I got at least one of them hooked! ;)

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A suggestion for RightClick from Your friendly neighborhood garbageman.

Dec 3, 2008 6:40 AM by Discussion: Customization Software
Since the Object Desktop 2009 suggestions thread has been closed due to it's release, and because I couldn't find any other RC suggestion threads.........I made my own :) After downloading Night Train's WB Mama's Boy at the GUIC and taking His advice to try it out and see how well it re-colors...........I thought it would be cool if RC had a hue shifter. So if you have a WB that you re-colored and you have an RC that matched, you could re-color that too. I don't know if this was already suggested, or if it's already in the works.....but I thought I would throw it out there!
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A peak at the inner workings of the mind of a Garbageman

Oct 30, 2008 3:36 PM by Discussion: Humor

I was driving down the street going house to house and it was my partners turn to load, he passed a tree grabbed a pail, dragged it out between the parked cars and emptied it into the truck. As he proceeds to walk to the next house, I notice in my mirror that there is a mouse and keyboard wrapped up together, and leaning against the the tree. I shout to my partner "hey, You missed that!" He replies "sorry, I didn't see it!" So I said...................... "I guess that means you have poor peripheral vision!" [e digicons]:grin:[/e]

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Discovering Karma

Oct 18, 2008 2:09 AM by Discussion: Community
Today I finally realized how to give Karma, and once I did, I was curious as to where my Karma came from. After a little detective work, I figured that out too! Now that I know, I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words, glad I made some of you laugh, I'm happy to be considered a friend, and Thanks for the Karma! :D
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Aug 24, 2008 1:41 PM by Discussion: Community
I'm working on a Right Click to match Gloss Burgundy and I was wondering, who would I have to contact to get permission ?......can anybody help me ?  :NOTSURE: 
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